Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The day u left me

Unable to hear your heartbeat...
I'm sorry that i couldn't protect u..
U had left us since 8 Feb 2012.
Sometimes i still think of U and even dream of u...

Not sure what else i can do for u, but wanna say We love u and always do.

Luckily i still have your brother, Jerro.
Jerro is very sweet to me.
He has given me the wonderful gift on Mother's Day.
3 kisses and a hug mean a lot to me. It's the energy for me to move on.
We din really celebrate Mother's Day but spent most of the times at outlet.
Mummy will work harder to move on, not to forget u but to keep u in my mind.

Been through so many things, really have to thanks dear dear, always caring, sweet to me and Jerro.
Have to tell the world that U're really my Superman.

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